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Welcome to my library of reviews!

I am Nadine, the girl behind TDL (The Diverting Librarian).

A photo of me, hi!

I’m not even going to lie to you, I LOVE books and there is nothing I would love more than to curl up with an amazing book on a rainy day with a big cup of hot chocolate!

That’s why it makes sense for me to share my opinion with all of you. Can you name one thing worse than reading a terrible book? If you can, please keep it to yourself, because I’m obviously too innocent for your knowledge. The horror!😖

I feel that I’m sharing a piece of my journey with you every time I share my opinion on a book (good or bad). I hold a little love within my heart for all the good one’s and also a bit of hate for all the terrible one’s…

My goal is to collect a group of followers who consist of the book lovers with the best taste in books. I want only the best to follow me on my journey through the libraries of what seems like heaven!😍

I am The Diverting Librarian and I intend on finding the best books to accompany us on our journey.

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Sharing honest opinions with you, because you deserve the truth.