Review of Herai by Aaron D. Key

The story of two alternative realities is told by a mysterious being. Both stories feature the youngest daughter of the leader of an underground city. The book switches between “the better place” and the place “without” him.

In the one reality (the place without him) Herai is sent on a journey to attempt to save their people from an upcoming war against the “savages.” In the other reality (the better place) Herai is brutally attacked, and they are left to investigate and find the attackers.

It was cleverly interpreted, because at first the place without “the old one” seems like the better place and the place with “the old one” seems like it should be the one without “the old one.” Later on it all changes, and it becomes clear why those places are what they are said to be.

I didn’t like the book at first. It starts out really boring, but later on (around the second/third chapter) it captured my attention and it got really interesting. What I liked most about the book would be how well the writer switched between the two realities.

I was really impressed, because it’s hard to do that without confusing the reader. What I disliked most would probably be the fact that I felt the place without “the old one” lacked a proper plot. I have to add that it did, however, contain small plots which made up for it a little.

The characters were well developed, and they were easy to like and understand. The character personalities also differ in the two different places, and I think that makes it more realistic, because our situations shape the people we are.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read sci-fi and/or fantasy. You won’t regret it. I have to mention that there is homosexuality involved in the book, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t support the LGBT society. The book contains mild profanity as well as some very mild erotic content.

I rate Herai by Aaron D Key 3 out of 4 stars. I would have given it a full 4 stars if it weren’t that hard to get into the book and, of course, also the lack of plot in the place “without him.”

The book was properly edited as I only found a few minor grammar mistakes. Putting that aside, I feel that it’s a must read and that you won’t be disappointed by reading it.

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