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Review of Oro, Rise Of The Fallen by Suyltan Muhammad (book one)

Oro by Suyltan Muhammad is about a beautiful country, Oro, that was destroyed by war.

The book features a ruthless ruler, The Avidon, that would do anything in his power to rise even higher. The Avidon is prepared to kill thousands and to use innocent children to get what he wants. For him to be able to go into war, he will need a secret weapon which is a little boy.

The Avidon tears a whole family apart in the beginning of the book to get what he wants. Luckily not everyone believes in the Avidon and there are a few people along the way to help the family and protect them from the Avidon’s ruthlessness.

The book starts out really great and it pulls you in right at the beginning, but as the book progresses you start to lose interest, because all the action happens right at the start and throughout the rest of the book not much happens and I also felt that the children sometimes acted unrealistic for their age.

Except for it’s flaws the book is interesting because we deal with a lot of different types of people. There are villagers, orphans, a ruthless ruler and the people who suck up to him.

What I liked most about this book was how the writer explained how Oro came into being, it was quite interesting.

What I disliked most would be how the writer didn’t consider the human emotions a lot, like the emotions of the children. I felt that they wouldn’t have reacted the way they did to the things they were told to do.

I would recommend this book to any fantasy lovers. I do not however recommend this book to people who don’t like fantasy books.

I found a lot of grammar mistakes throughout the book and I it interrupted my reading a lot and therefore I assume that it wasn’t professionally edited. I was also very disappointed in the book as I held high expectations for it after reading the first chapter, which I found very interesting.

Considering the book in a whole I rate Oro by Suyltan Muhammad 3 out of 5 stars.

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