Review of The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo

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The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo gives us a peak into the life of Genya in Shadow and Bone from the series The Grisha. The book shows us why she betrayed Alina and how she felt about it.

We see what her life is like and this I think helps us understand why and how everything happened. I like Genya even more now than I did before. In the book we see a lot of hurt in her and we can’t help to forgive her for betraying Alina, because we get to see what drove her to it. I’m not gonna blab on about what the book is about, because I’m afraid to spoil it.

Although this book was short, I liked it very much. Genya is a really nice character and I liked to see what drove her, but if you cry easily and don’t feel like crying right now, you should probably read it some other time.

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The thing I liked most about this book was that we saw how Genya lived like a slave and we also witness how her life turned from good to bad. What I disliked most would be that the end was terrible, because Leigh Bardugo didn’t write Genya’s story through the whole book, which felt like she might aswell have ended the book in the middle of a sentence.

I would recommend The Tailor to anyone who has read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and also to any fantasy lovers. I would not recommend this to people who don’t like fantasy or who didn’t like Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

The book was written well and I enjoyed it very much and therefore I rate The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo 5 out of 5 stars.

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